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This item is provided for Alliance 15 [10] The Collector.

The Collector's Schedule as a quest objectiveEdit

This item is an objective of Alliance 15 [10] The Collector.

Contents Edit

Below is the process and schedule of Defias gold collection from the mines of Elwynn to our headquarters in Westfall.

Collection Schedule:

Sunday: 12:30pm Wednesday: 12:30pm

By each specified day, gold gained from the Elwynn mines will be gathered at the Brackwell pumpkin patch. The agent in charge of these gatherings, "The Collector," will be known by the engraved ring he possesses. A ring I gave him.

A party from Defias headquarters will contact the Collector, after which he will transfer the gathered gold.

Be sure this process is performed without fail and with utmost discretion. The Collector is responsible for the transfer of gold, but ultimately it is the responsibility of each member of the Defias Brotherhood to ensure that his role is acted out with attention and discipline.

Remember, my brothers, we were once proud craftsmen. We'll perform our current duties with the same precision we used in our past trade.


EVC is the acronym for Edwin VanCleef.